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Bush dancing (also called barn or ceilidh dancing) is quite popular in Australia. The dances are generally suitable for a wide variety of occasions. I've used them for non dancers (weddings, parties etc), family dances, regular bush dances where most people are dancers, and balls where most people dress up.

There are lots of dance collections on the web. For example, Thomas Green Barn Dances and Brian Scowcroft's English Country Dance Archive. Also, here is a useful glossary of terms.

Here are some dances that I use. I use lots of dances from the other sites, but I haven't repeated them here (except to show a variation, or sometimes an entirely different dance with that name). The pages are very plain: I have used minimal HTML markup, for ease of copy/pasting.

Big Circles

Longways (whole set)


Sicilian Circles


Other Formations

Also, some of my original dances are suitable for bush dances. In particular, the contra page includes many circle mixers and squares

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Last modified 29 June 2008