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These are several types of circle dances: big circles have everyone facing in with the man on the left, woman on the right (these are usually mixers, changing partner each time through). Sicilian circles have a couple facing a couple around the room, so you progress with your partner on to a new couple. A double circle has men on the inside facing their partner on the outside (these are also usually mixers). In a big circle your partner is next to you, your corner is on you other side. This page includes big circles and double circles, the sicilian circles are on another page.

Last update: 9 April 2015

Bakers Wife
8 couples in a circle
8x32 bar jig 

This is basically a strip the willow in a circle

Couples are numbered anticlockwise 1 to 8

A1 (16) Couples 1 and 5 swing into the centre (crossed-hand hold). Finish in 
        a line of 4 between couples 2 and 6. 

   (48) Lady 1 and man 5 strip the willow: they turn man 2/lady 6 by the 
        left, then their partner right, and so on around the set. Man 1 
        and lady 5 are the pins: they turn each other left arm in the 
        centre, then their partner by the right 

        If the couples co-ordinate correctly, they will form a lovely 
        straight line that rotates around the inside of the set 

Next time through: 
A1 (16) Couples 2 and 6 swing in while 1 and 5 are swinging out. 
        (Lady 2 and man 6 are the strippers)

After 4 times through each couple has had a turn. Then do it again 
with the stripper/pin roles reversed. 

Optionally, add 8 bars at the very end to allow everyone to finish 
with a swing.

Blackwattle Reel
Circle, all facing in
32 bar reel

A1 (16) All holding hands in a circle, advance and retire twice

A2 (4) Turn partner right hand
   (4) Turn corner left hand
   (4) Turn partner right hand
   (4) Turn corner left hand

B1 (8) Partner do si do
   (8) Partner do si do left shoulder

B2 (4) Face partner, everyone step to their right and honour partner
   (4) Move on to a new partner (men anticlockwise, women clockwise)
   (8) Swing new partner

Cincinnati Reel
32 bar reel
Form a double circle with the men on the inside facing their partners on the outside. 
Your partner is facing you. Your left corner is the opposite sex person diagonally to your left, 
your right corner is diagonally to your right.

A1 (8) Do si do partner
   (8) Turn left hand corner by the left hand

A2 (8) Do si do partner by the left shoulder
   (8) Turn right hand corner by the right hand. Stay with this person (they are your new partner)

B1 (16) Balance and swing this new partner

B2 (16) Promenade

Circassian Circle part 2
Circle of couples, everyone facing in
32 bar jig or reel

A1 (16) All holding hands, advance and retire

A2 (8) Women only, advance (clap on the 4th step) and retire 
   (8) Men only, advance (clap on the 4th step) and retire. 
       Come back to your corner

B1 (16) Swing corner (new partner)

B2 (16) Promenade

Doubleska Polka 
(also called Star Polka and Sternpolka)
48 bar tune of the same name

There are 3 parts to the dance: 

A  (32) All polka around the hall

B  (32) Promenade around the hall in the waist-shoulder hold. Men 
        place their left hand on the left shoulder of the man in 
        front. At the end of the promenade the men throw their 
        partners into the centre

C  (32) Men clap hands as follows: clap their hands together twice, 
        then with their nearer hand clap with the men on either 
        side once. While the men continue this clapping sequence, 
        the women make their way to the outside (they are not allowed 
        to duck, they must carefully time their exit!) Once on the 
        outside they go around clockwise. 
        At the end of the C music the men turn around and find a new 
        partner, ready for the polka

Finish the dance on the polka   

Jubilee Jig
by David Johnson
Circle of couples, everyone facing in
32 bar jig 

A1 (16) All holding hands, circle left and right

A2 (4) Men go in to the middle, take hands and make arches
   (4) While the men retire the women go in under the arches. 
       Women now make arches
   (4) While the women retire the men go in under the arches. 
       Men clap on the 4th step
   (4) Men retire 

B1 (16) Grand chain: starting with your partner as 1, grand 
        chain to number 7, who becomes your new partner

B2 (16) Swing your new partner

The grand chain in B1 does not need to always be to number 7. The 
caller may vary it, resulting in shorter or longer grand chains and 
a correspondingly longer or shorter swing. 

I like to arrange it so that the last time through, people are 
reunited with their original partner (you know, the one they asked 
to dance and then lost during the walkthrough). This requires a bit 
of quick thinking (and counting) by the caller, but dancers are 
always surprised and pleased to suddenly get their original partner 
back just in time for the final swing. 

Moving Along
by Ray Dawson
32 bar reel
A1 (16) Go into the middle and back, twice

A2 (8) Right hand turn partner, then pass them by the right to move on
   (8) Left hand turn next person, then pass by left to move on

B1 (8) 2 hand turn the next person, then pass them by the right to move on
   (8) Do si do next person, then pass them by the right to move on

B2 (16) Swing this final person
Gets you round the circle pretty fast! 

Before starting the walk through, clarify what “move on” means (men move on anticlockwise, women clockwise)

Muffin Man Jig
Double circle, men on the outside, women on the inside 
32 bar jig 

A1 (16) Men holding hands, women holding hands, everyone 
        advance and retire twice

A2 (16) Circle left and right (men and women will be going in 
        opposite directions)
        Note: to make progressive, only circle right for 7 so 		
        that you finish facing a new partner

B1      Clapping sequence with your partner: 
    (4) Your knees twice, partner's right hand twice, 
    (4) Your knees twice, partner's left hand twice, 
    (2) Your knees once, partner's right hand once, 
    (2) Your knees once, partner's left hand once, 
    (4) Clap above your head, behind your back, above your head

B2 (16) Swing partner

For B1, the call is: 
Knees, knees, right, right, 
Knees, knees, left, left, 
Knees, right, knees, left,  
Above! Behind! Above! And swing!

Double circles usually have the men on the inside. For this dance it 
doesn't really matter if the men are inside or outside. Since men generally 
have longer arms, I suggest that they be given the outside circle.

Quakers Wife

8 couples (numberered anticlockwise 1 to 8) in a double circle, 
men on the inside, women on the outside 

32 bar jig 

A1 (8) Right hand turn partner
   (8) Left hand turn partner

  (48) Couple 1 take inside hands and walk between 
       the 2 circles. Couple 2 fall in behind, then 
       couple 3 etc. When couple 1 get back to their 
       original place they separate and stop. Each 
       couple in turn, as they reach their original 
       place, also stops. Continue until all get back 
       to place

Next time through couple 2 leads etc. 

Works best with 8 couples: more than 8 and it takes too long 
to complete the figure, fewer than 8 and the double circle is 
a bit too spaced out. 

The lead couple do not need to do a plain walk, they may do 
any sort of step they like: they can hop, polka, moonwalk, 
do wheelbarrows, whatever. The other couples copy whatever 
the lead couple does. 

Have fun!

Circle of 4 to 8 couples
32 bar jig or reel

A1 (16) All holding hands, circle left and right

A2 (16) Men left hand star (for 16 steps)

B1 (16) Men pick up a new partner and star promenade for 16 steps

B2 (16) Swing new partner

Alternate with the women making the left hand star. 

For fun, try calling "one person from each couple make a left hand star". 
In this case, remind them to pick up an opposite sex partner.

This is a minor variation of Sacristan (from Brian Scowcroft's site).

Victoria’s Waltz
By Peter Foster
32 bar waltz
A1 (2) All holding hands in a circle, balance forward and back
   (2) Men take the lady on their left and pass her across to place her on his right
   (2) All holding hands in a circle, balance forward and back
   (2) Women take the man on their left and pass him across to place him on her right 
       (it’s the same man who just passed her across)

A2 (2) All holding hands in a circle, balance forward and back
   (2) Men again take the lady on their left and pass her across to place her on his right. This is your new partner
   (4) Two hand turn partner once around, open out standing next to your partner, 
       facing anticlockwise around the room, men on the inside, women on the outside

B1 (2) Two waltz steps forward, turn on the spot (turning towards your partner) and take their other hand
   (2) Two waltz steps backward (so still going in the same direction)
   (4) Repeat the other way: two waltz steps, turn on the spot, two waltz steps back. Then take a ballroom hold

B2 (8) Waltz on

Written for my daughter

32 bar waltz

Circle (single file), like the over the shoulder promenade hold except the men are standing behind partner, 
everyone facing anticlockwise around the circle
A1 (2) 2 sliding steps sideways toward the middle of the circle
   (2) 2 sliding steps back out
   (1) Peek at each other over woman's left shoulder
   (1) Peek over the other shoulder
   (2) Woman turn under (in place), left hands joined, woman turning anticlockwise

A2 (4) Slide in and out again
   (4) Keeping hands joined, woman travel anticlockwise around the man, who stays still

B1 (8) Repeat A1

B2 (4) Slide in and out
   (2) Peeks again
   (2) As in A2, woman goes anticlockwise around the man but finishes behind him. 
       Then drop hands and take hold of a new partner

Note that the woman does not see who her new partner is until the peek in A1

Any comments - email pfoster@pcug.org.au