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Our group has dwindled to the point that we are no longer viable. So after 25 years we are no more. But the Tuesday group (see link below) is still going strong, so try them instead

Our music group gets together once a week to play mostly Irish and Scottish traditional dance music. There is a wide variety of instruments, from accordions to mandolins to flutes to concertinas to harmonicas to...

We meet in each others houses on Wednesday evenings, from 8 o'clock.

For Debruary we are meeting at Margaret's place in Weetangera.

The group is based in Canberra. We play for bush dances for various occasions, such as weddings, parties and the regular bush dances run by the Monaro Folk Society. Our favourite venue is the Yarralumla Woolshed, which still smells like sheep despite being decommissioned as a shearing shed in 1965. In honour of this woolshed, we have named our group "Woolies Home Band".

The group has a reasonably wide repertoire, which we play with varying degrees of competence and enthusiasm. The tunes include the following:

...and many others.

Any enquiries to Peter Foster, (02) 6231 2245 (h) or email

There is also the Tuesday Night Music Group.

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