Tuggeranong Lakes Stakes


The 30th anniversary run is on 22 March 2022. It will also be run number 1500.

Hope to see you there!

The Run

The Lakes Stakes is a 6k handicap race around Lake Tuggeranong. It is one of the Canberra Lunchtime Runs , in association with the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club.

It is run on Tuesday lunchtimes, with the clock starting at 12:10. The start/finish is on Reed Street, near the Arts Centre (the Arts Centre is next to KFC).

It costs $1 to run. But there is a prize: a voucher for the Runners Shop in Phillip. And it's a handicap race, so there is a wide variety of winners.

There are 2 courses that we do: a loop course, which is done on the first Tuesday of the month, and an out and back course, which is done the rest of the time. These courses can be seen on Map My Run (and they are both 6k, despite what Map My Run says. Blame my mapping skills).

The loop course starts on the lake edge under the Soward way bridge. It goes clockwise around the lake, following the cycle paths. It finishes by coming up and over the Soward Way bridge, to finish opposite the Arts Centre.

The out and back course follows most of the second half of the loop course. It starts opposite the Arts Centre, then goes up and over the Soward Way bridge and heads north, going along the eastern side of the lake. At the northern point there is an underpass (it's at the Athllon Drive/Drakeford Drive intersection). Go through this underpass and continue for a few hundred metres, where a turnaround is marked on the path. Then come back the same way.

Note that there are some places where the course can be cut. These can be easily spotted by the dirt trails worn in the grass. But keep to the path - I can assure you that these trails were not made by Lakes Stakes runners!

Contact: Peter Foster (handicapper) on 6231 2245 (h), email pfoster@pcug.org.au


The first Lakes Stakes was on 24 March 1992, when 19 trailblazers set off around Lake Tuggeranong.

27 March 2012 was the 20 year anniversary of the event. It was also the 1000th run, so it was a double celebration.

36 runners took part that day. Here are most of them:

Group Picture


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